8 Reasons to Visit Wisconsin

8 Things to see if you are in Wisconsin, U.S.A

Visiting the state of Wisconsin, U.S.A is a state where the adventures begin, state of farmers, thinkers and all that. The capital of Madison has the motto “Forward” as the city as well is on the go. The name Wisconsin means “the place where waters gather”. A lot of great lakes and rivers are around the state and provide a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities. So if you ever decide to visit Wisconsin, you should definitely see these things

  1. Door County

Between the waters of the Green Bay and the vast expanse of the Lake Michigan, it is one of the most visited and popular destinations for tourists and vacations. It is full of beaches, busy marinas, villages and resorts. In the inside there is a summer stock theater and a lot of galleries.

There are 10 historical lighthouses on the shores and during the summer period, guided tours are offered. One of the main attractions to visit there is Eagle Bluff, a beauty from 1868 in Peninsula State Park. Visitors can also go hiking in the parks of the island, explore sandy arcs near Northport, and walk on the golden beaches at Whitefish Dunes State Park.

A traditional feast of the fisherman is held every year and several restaurants host this event, cook fresh whitefish, onions, and red potatoes in enormous kettle on fire in the open.

The art is also present in Door County. There are a lot of galleries that serve as a hub for the art colony. Art- Performing nights keep the visitors busy and entertained.

The American folklore theatre performs comedies and musicals – original and enriches the vacation of the visitors.

2. Minocqua

Minocqua is the town that is surrounded by the Minocqua Lake and rises on a peninsula near it. It has more than 3000 lakes and there is a lot of water in this region, which is the place of the greatest concentration of glacial lakes.

You can go canoeing and kayaking, while exploring a life changing destination. With the lakes these activities are often in this area.

Hiking can be an option too in the American Legion State Forest, through the forests of fir, hemlock, pine and spruce.

There is a hobby called “Trophy Fish” where the people are competing in who is going to catch the biggest fish.

3. Bayfield

From the Bayfield you have views towards the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It is an excellent place for camping and exploring the Apostles and the shore.

There are organized a lot of kayak trips, and are the best way to explore Apostle Islands. Another way of exploring the Islands is a boat trip through the archipelago.

Madeline Island is 15 minutes far from Bayfield and is one of the Apostle Islands.

Other destinations worth to visit are : Big Top Chautauqua, Bayfield Maritime Museum, Family owned apple orchards and Old Rittenhouse Inn.

4. Milwaukee

This place charms the neighborhood with authentic, renaissance works, a lot of maritime museums, parks, and cruise ship centers. Interesting places you must visit are: Milwaukee Art Museum – which is among the most popular ones in Wisconsin, Lakefront of Milwaukee Lake, Miller Park, The historic Third Ward and Harley Davidson Museum.

5. Madison and its surrounding area

The capital of Wisconsin is one of the main attractions where you can enjoy in the unique shops, art scenes, ethnic dining, sports events, cycling, sailing and a lot more. Among the destinations worth visiting are: The Dane County Farmers Market, The Restaurant Scene, University of Wisconsin Arboretum, State Street, University of Wisconsin Campus, the lakes, the Capitol and the museum of Contemporary Art.

6. Taliesin East: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Perfect County Home

Among the one of the most influential people in Wisconsin was Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, in Madison where he was born and lived. His influence was seen on the architectural designs of his homes, from which the most famous one now is Taliesin East. There are organized guided tours in the home.

7. Oshkosh

This small town of Oshkosh on the Lake Winnebago is famous for 2 things: in the world’s air show circuit and the popular line of clothing for kids. Since 1970, here was held the world’s largest meeting of aviators – EAA AirVentureOshkosh, and during the week of the event, the town becomes one of the busiest with all those planes flying.

8.  Circus World Museum

In the small town of Baraboo there is a great attraction for kids, Circus World Museum. The kids learn about the everyday activities in the circus, the country’s rich history, exhibits, circus artifacts and a lot more entertaining facts.

In summer there are traditional circus performances. Visiting the state of Wisconsin, U.S.A will definitely be the best decision you have made until now.

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