Simple Steps to Self- Educate Yourself

1.Build a Curious Mind

If you cultivate a foundation of curiosity, it is very easy to educate yourself. Curiosity breeds questions that prompt you to seek knowledge. Curiosity can be developed in various ways:
• Read new things beyond your regular life, comfort zone or school requirements
• Watch new documentaries or films
• Visit places that you wouldn’t normally visit for entertainment or education
• Push yourself to take on new active challenges even if they appear to be out of your depth and knowledge.

2.Build Onto What You Already Know

Learning is easier when you progress from the known to the unknown. Start by learning more of what you already know. Even when you feel competent and well-versed in something, always remember that there can never be an end to learning. Simple ways of doing this could be:
• Learning beyond what you learn in school; always read more than the teachers ask you to
• Do not only read standard textbooks in school, go for supplementary and reference books too
• Get an extra newspaper, magazine or journal instead of your regular or favorite one
• Read daily

3.Learn From Other People

Self-education does not have to be a solo mission; you can learn from other folks. That makes self-education fun and exciting. Studies show that group discussions enhance learning. Thus learning with other people will be a welcome boost to your self-education. That is achievable by:
• Associating oneself with educated individuals or discussions
• Joining an extra course in college for an extra certificate or degree
• Attending conferences, seminars, talks, etc. that are educative
• Listen to senior citizens and learn from their stories and wisdom
• Take up online courses such as a Multi-Online Open Course
• Observe and learn from educated folks
• Pick an excellent role model to look up to and learn from

4.Use What You Learn

Mere learning is not enough; it also pays to put what you learn into practical use. This will reinforce your self-education and may even help uplift somebody else. It is easy to apply you knowledge in the real world by:
• Acting and behaving like a well-educated person in all situations
• Sharing your knowledge with other people. Do not withhold vital information as long as you can help it.
• Help other people solve their problems; you could, for instance, help a friend complete a tough assignment

Self-education has often been referred to as self-guided education. As such, there are important guidelines that will be essential in guiding you on a path towards self-education. Here are some of the supreme self-education principles:
Apply Yourself- learning is never passive. You must actively apply yourself to the task of learning. Take every occasion that comes your way and learn from it. Once you’ve grasped theoretical concepts, try to implement them in practical everyday life

Show Up- in most instances, you will have to seek out knowledge. You will have to put yourself in the way of knowledge. Therefore, try always to put yourself in situations that require you to learn for you to succeed. Try also to look for new ways to make the environment around you better.
Know Yourself- self-education will be tremendously rewarding if you fully understand yourself. Understand your passion, talents and successes. Analyze your weaknesses and failures and use these personal traits to improve yourself through knowledge.

Never Underestimate- great things have sprung from the unlikeliest of places. As you educate yourself, learn not to trivialize learning experiences. Knowledge, however small, can never be absolutely useless.

Therefore, give every learning experience the seriousness it deserves
Record and Analyze- some lessons are so important that they should never be forgotten. Therefore, find ways of storing new valuable knowledge for future reference. Review this knowledge from time to time and see whether you are utilizing what you have learned and whether it is helping you in life

Be Careful of What You Learn- the best kind of self-education is one that improves quality of life. Remember that there is a lot of garbage out there that once picked up will ruin a life. Hence, always stay away from mediocre or negative knowledge.

I strongly believe that self-education is the only form of education there is- Isaac Asimov

Self-education is beneficial in more ways than we can list. Keep it fun and exciting and soon your brain will be sharpened and transformed into a lovely and incredible treasure. Take your first step to self-educate your self to success below.