Wisconsin in a nutshell (or bratwurst bun)

The fascinating state of Wisconsin provides you with an exciting travel destination, it is a place with a  rich history. Native American tribes who made their homeland in Wisconsin, as well as French and British colonists who first set foot on this land are all part of the vivid history of this northern state. As an exciting travel destination, Wisconsin’s history provides you with amazing places to discover, which are all important pieces of the history to this land. In case you are a fan of such discoveries, you will be surely amazed by the rich cultural heritage that comes from this northern land!

On the other hand, Wisconsin is also famous for numerous products which are favored all around the United States. Wisconsin cheesemakers make around 2.6 billion pounds of cheese each year, therefore, if you are still arranging your travel plans, make sure to dedicate some time to taste the amazing cheese of Wisconsin. There are numerous types, so be prepared for a culinary experience! Bratwurst and Ice Cream are also specialties of this area, so make sure to prepare those bellies for a vast list of tastes that you shouldn’t miss! Furthermore, there are numerous outdoor gear companies which are based in Wisconsin, therefore, you can easily find super high-quality outdoor products, either if you are looking for equipment for fishing, camping, hunting or snowshoeing, Wisconsin is the right place to start your search. Wisconsin wood is also one of the best quality materials used to create quality woodworks, so keep an eye on those artistic pieces. There are numerous other things we love, which were made in Wisconsin, so before traveling over there, make sure to make a list of a few things which you would like to take home with you – after all they are all pieces of why we love Wisconsin!

If it wouldn’t be fascinating enough to discover the rich history, taste the fantastic foods and discover high-quality products, the list of amusement does not stop! If you are a regular traveler, you probably know how important research is before setting up your program. Well, what is for sure, is that you won’t be bored in Wisconsin. With the Oshkosh Airshow, Frank Lloyd Wright’s country home, the State Capitol and the Harley-Davidson Museum, you might find yourself coming back for more, as the list of sights to see and places to visit is endless. Either if you are an avid football fan, a nature lover or history enthusiast, Wisconsin will surely not let you down! The only thing to keep an eye on over here is to have enough time for yourself to indulge in the wonders of this fantastic state!

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